“Wine is the most healthful and most  hygienic of beverages.” 
― Louis Pasteur


“Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world..."---Ernest Hemmingway




Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it! Out on the farm, we only occasionally make wine, preferring to encourage the artful crafting of wine by those purchasing our grapes. This boosts our experience crafting a better grape. We are forecasting a great harvest in 2020. 


No official hours yet, but during the season, March thrugh September, we are often out in the vineyard much of the day.


With the arrival of harvest in August and September, it will be an exciting time. Call, and come see and experience fresh wine grapes. We will be selling some and  then  crushing the rest for wine.

We always look forward to visitors, and can give you ar tour of the vineyard and farm. But call ahead, to be sure we're here.
Many people like the experience of pruning vines and harvesting grapes. We have plenty of that, and welcome all!
WINE MAKING... an art and a passion. Careful craftsmanship and care produces a great beverage from the beautiful grapes. Red grapes available to bottle or blend are Chambourcin, Frontenac,  Fredonia, St Vincent and Baco Noir. White grapes are Vignoles, Melody and Traminette, and Itasca.